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Attend the Elementary Workload Grievance this Thursday
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Attend the Elementary Workload Grievance this Thursday

Mark your calendars to attend the District hearing of the Elementary Workload Grievance USEP filed seeking relief on behalf of all elementary teachers.

The grievance was filed on October 13th and was signed by more than 1,300 teachers from 43 of the 46 elementary schools.  The grievance comes after nearly two years of informal conversations with district and school-based administrators yielded no satisfactory resolution.

The grievance seeks to lessen the increasingly burdensome workload of paperwork, data entry and review, student testing and staff meetings, which diminish planning time for meaningful instruction and leave more and more work to be done after hours.

Come to the hearing to listen to the union’s presentation and district’s response.

Where: District School Board Meeting Rooms, Hwy 41, Land O’Lakes

When: Thursday, November 1st at 5:00 p.m.

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