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Bottoms Up—On the Ballot!
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Bottoms Up—On the Ballot!

Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day. As the expression goes, “Bottoms up!” No, we’re not talking about hoisting a drink, but starting from the bottom of the ballot and working your way up.

Why?  Because the Florida legislature has drafted all eleven of the constitutional amendments. (That alone should give you pause!)   This is the longest ballot in Florida’s history, and you don’t want to miss the last ballot item: Penny for Pasco.

In Pasco that last ballot initiative is especially worth supporting. The Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times and the United School Employees of Pasco have all endorsed the Penny for Pasco initiative to fund school construction and repairs.  By having a separate fund for these expenses, we can maximize general operating funds for supplies, salaries, and benefits.

Remember lines are to be expected because of the long ballot.  So be patient and be prepared with the proper identification:   Florida Driver License, Florida Identification Card, Neighborhood Association ID, Retirement Center ID, Public Assistance ID, US Passport, Military ID, Student ID, Debit or Credit Card.

Whatever you do, though, make sure you vote.  In fact vote bottom’s up!

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