Waiting Continues for FRS Ruling
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Waiting Continues for FRS Ruling

Although the election is over, the waiting continues for the Florida Supreme Court’s decision on FEA’s pension litigation.  There is no set deadline for the Supreme Court to make its ruling.  The court is a deliberative body and known for thoroughly reviewing all of the arguments, exhibits and research. Decisions can and do take months.

Since the hearing was September 7th, the decision could be soon or sometime early next year.  What we do know is that the Florida Supreme Court generally releases its opinion on Thursdays at approximately 11:00AM.  The Court makes every effort to post them to their website as soon as possible thereafter.

You may want to make note on your calendar on every Thursday (with the exception of Thanksgiving) that there is the potential for the Supreme Court to release its opinion.

On the day of the decision, FEA will schedule a series of conference calls with the local unions for a briefing by our attorneys. Then FEA will brief the Capital Press Corps and the statewide media.

Stay tuned, and please remember that union dues are funding this legal challenge.  If you are a member, thank you!  If not, please join USEP/FEA as we fight for you and all of public education.

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