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The District and USEP have not yet started financial negotiations for this school year due to the change in District leadership. Both sides are gearing up to begin talking money after the winter break.  Please keep in mind that just because the school board budget includes two furlough days doesn’t mean the furlough days can be implemented without bargaining!

Other aspects of negotiations have also been slow due to District changes and the holidays.

The SRP Bargaining Team is considering issues regarding

  • Dress code and uniform allowances for certain      categories of SRP,
  • Bonus pay for FNS employees based on high site-based      performance/rating,
  • The addition of a new category of IA      Interpreters with supplement.

The Instructional Bargaining Team has focused on the Teacher Evaluation process. Here are the main changes being discussed for this school year.

Observation Schedule

  • Teachers with an Effective or Highly Effective rating on the administrative observation section last year will be formally observed and evaluated once during spring 2013.
  • Teachers with a Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory on the administrative observation last year will be formally observed and evaluated twice: once during fall 2012 and once during spring 2013.
  • Teachers new to the District will still be observed three times during the 2012-2013 school year.

Deliberate Practice Replaces IDPD

  • Teachers will not have to complete an IPDP this year.
  •  Teachers will choose one of the Marzano elements to further develop. They will be observed on this one element during the year (if they choose) and during the formal observation to demonstrate growth.
  • Growth levels will be added as bonus points to their overall evaluation score.

Economic Issues:  the Union has met with District financial staff several times to review the General Operating Fund and question categories of spending and staffing decisions.   The District currently has budgeted 2 furlough days to cover part of an estimated $23 million shortfall.  USEP has publicly stated its objection to furlough days.  The District and School Board recently held its first “Executive Session” with the new Superintendent and economic negotiations will been in earnest after the break.

So how are other Districts getting raises?  There are several factors that enable some Districts to provide raises while others may not.

  • Some Districts have additional revenue streams (Hillsborough and Pinellas).
  • Most Districts do not pay 100% of Health insurance premiums for employees.
  • Most Districts do not provide District-funded Health/Wellness Centers at no cost to employees.
  • Some Districts have secondary teachers teach 6 periods a day and some have reduced specials at the elementary level.
  • Unlike most Districts, Pasco pays health insurance premiums for qualified retirees and offers a standing Early Retirement Annuity.  These items must be factored into the budget.

USEP will continue to advocate for financial improvements and protections for our members even in these darkest of economic times to ensure job security, comprehensive health insurance coverage and improved working conditions for all of our members.  Please join us in our efforts.  If not yet a member, join USEP with the attached card.

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