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“No-Show” Fees at Health Centers
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“No-Show” Fees at Health Centers

No-Shows and Late Cancellations Cause Problems  at District Health and Wellness Centers

Despite some confusion and notices to the contrary, The District Health and Wellness Centers (HWC) will NOT start docking employees’ payfor no-shows, lateness and last-minute cancellations of appointments.

A District employee contacted USEP over spring break after visiting a HWC and reading a posted notice informing employees about a $20 “No-Show/cancellation fee” for the second “No-Show” within a 6-month period. The notice stated that “this amount will be deducted from the employee’s next pay period.”

Upon learning of the notice, USEP President contacted District officials and requested that the “No-Show” penalties be held in abeyance until the issue could be studied by the insurance committee for a recommendation. The insurance committee had received some statistics on “No-Shows” over the summer but had not yet seen the most recent data, nor agreed to the change in policy. USEP expects the next Insurance Committee meeting agenda to include the issue.

While USEP objects to the unilateral implementation of docking employees’ pay, USEP does not condone “No-Shows” and late cancellations. The HWC’s are a valuable benefit to employees. No-Shows and last-minute cancellations deprive other employees of this much-needed service.

If an employee cannot make a scheduled appointment, the employee should cancel online or call the 24-hour help desk at 1-877-423-1330. Please allow as much notice as possible. If all employees would follow this procedure, there would be no need for the District to even consider docking employees’ pay!

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