USEP and District Reach Accord on Deliberate Practice
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USEP and District Reach Accord on Deliberate Practice

After working with the District for the last several weeks, USEP is pleased to announce the following key points of agreement regarding Deliberate Practice (DP) plans.

Prior to December 13th, teachers will be excused from attending a 40-minute PLC  so they may work individually on their DP plans.  Teachers are not to be scheduled to use this 40 minute time slot to work on their DP plans, nor do plans have to be developed in conjunction with team members. Plans must, however, be completed and submitted through iObservation by the December 13th deadline.

Classroom teachers will enter their DP plans on iObservation.  The program  has now been modified  so teachers do not have to rate all 41 elements of the self-assessment step before moving on. Teachers may rate just the one element they wish to choose for  DP.

Classroom teachers will then select the one element to enter as their DP goal for this school year and create a plan.  Teachers are free to identify and enter other elements they may also wish to consider for their DP goal.  However, choosing to rate and work on more than one element is solely up to the teacher.

Any teacher who experiences issues when entering his DP plan on iObservation should email If that does not resolve the issue, please contact

USEP appreciates the patience our teachers exhibited while USEP and the District sought to resolve the main issues involved with this process.   USEP is now encouraging all teachers to move ahead and complete their DP goal and action plans!

Please feel free to contact USEP if you’re still being asked to self-assess on multiple elements, you’re  not excused from a 40-minute PLC, if your administrator assigns you to work on your DP plans during a specific 40-minute timeframe, or requires plans be completed collectively.

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