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Remembering and Saluting Everyday Heroes
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Remembering and Saluting Everyday Heroes

Saluting Our Everyday Heroes

Several years ago, the theme of the FEA Delegate Assembly was “Everyday Heroes” to salute the work of FEA members across the state of Florida.

As we ready ourselves for the upcoming holiday season, let us remember the “Everyday Heroes” who placed their lives on the line for their students.  Just one year ago this Saturday, the nation experienced the horrible event at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct.  Take some time this Saturday to remember the children whose lives were cut short and those school employees who gave their lives to protect their students.

“Everyday Heroes” is also a term that applies to all of the teachers and SRP in Pasco who come to work every day with one goal in mind: to serve the students of Pasco County Schools and provide the best education possible. The fortunate fact that we have never faced a situation like Sandy Hook, does not diminish the everyday heroics of our own teachers and SRP.

Despite the many challenges faced in these transitional times–PLC’s, staff reductions, restructuring, retirement attacks, VAM madness, shortage of bus drivers–Pasco’s teachers and SRP arrive every day and put forth their best efforts to meet the needs of our students.  USEP salutes our EVERYDAY HEROES!  We are proud of the dedication, determination, and commitment that each and every one of them has for serving our students.

To all of Pasco’s teachers and SRP: Thank you for all that you do.  We are proud to work for you! Enjoy the Holidays.  USEP wishes you much joy and rejuvenation.

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