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A Care Package for You from Share My Lesson
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A Care Package for You from Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson has recently released Care Packages for teachers, making it easier than ever for teachers to find the most applicable resources for their classroom. Each virtual Care Package is specified by grade or subject (3rd grade teacher or civics teacher, for example). On each page, you’ll find the relevant Common Core State Standards for your subject area along with the very best resources on the Share My Lesson site.

Teachers told the Share My Lesson team that they wanted to make it easier to quickly find their most commonly used resources. The Care Packages were designed to do just that!

Developed by the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson is an interactive, online community where professional educators can share effective teaching resources with one another. There are over 295,000 free teaching materials on the website—including lesson plans, learning activities, and worksheets—and the resources cover material from all educational subjects and grade levels. Share My Lesson also features a growing resource bank for Common Core State Standards, providing free webinars, statistics, and professional advice.

If you haven’t already joined Share My Lesson, please sign up today. Encourage your colleagues to sign up as well!

Share My Lesson is free to join and the core content on the site will always be free as well. The company will not sell your email address to third parties so you can feel safe in signing up.

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