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Enough is Enough: Get On the Bus!
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Enough is Enough: Get On the Bus!

On January 14, 2016 FEA is planning a statewide rally in Tallahassee.  USEP will be asking USEP members to join with other FEA members, parents, and community leaders from across the state in the courtyard of the Capitol to rally with a unified voice to make a difference and take back our public schools.

Had enough? Then get on the bus!
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  • Had enough of the state’s high-stakes testing, accountability and evaluation system?
  • Had enough lack of respect by legislators who think they know more about doing YOUR job than you do?
  • Had enough bonus pay plans based on absurd criteria like your high school test scores?
  • Had enough mandates from Tallahassee about how local school districts must spend local tax dollars and run local schools?
  • Had enough of “education reformers” telling parents that the “best choice” for their child is a private school or a voucher school rather than a high quality public school?

Help strengthen our union by getting involved, get others involved, Get on the Bus and tell Tallahassee, “Enough is Enough!”

The bus will leave from the USEP office in Land O’ Lakes early Thursday morning January 14th.
Participants will attend the Rally in Tallahassee, and will board the bus for a return ride home after the Rally.

Please click to take you to the registration for the Enough is Enough Rally.

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