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The Truth About Charter Schools

On Sunday night, John Oliver did something incredible on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight”: He exposed the waste, fraud and abuse that are far too common in the charter school industry.

From schools that close in the middle of the year to companies that put profits above the well-being of students, the segment should make you angry at the lack of oversight and accountability at institutions our students should be able to rely on. As we know from our work, in too many states oversight is becoming even more lax.

People need to know about this. John Oliver has put the spotlight on bad actors in the charter industry; now it’s up to us to make sure people see the truth.


Click here if you cannot view the video above

Every child has the right to a free, high-quality public education. Education gives our kids building blocks for a successful life. Education propels our economy, anchors our citizens in democratic values and gives America’s youth a path toward achieving their dreams.

Education matters too much to let bad practices by unethical, incompetent profiteers undermine our public schools.

What John Oliver exposed underscores why we need to hold charter schools accountable to the public. Charter schools must be transparent, centered on the needs of students, and held to the standards we expect of any publicly funded institution.

Some charters meet these standards, and make sound use of public dollars.
This isn’t about them. This is about the rampant growth of charter schools that put profits over pupils—and the lax oversight that lets those schools undermine our communities and our students.

Let’s make sure everyone sees the truth. Watch the video (you’ll be horrified) and share it with your friends.

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