Bargaining Update from the President 10/24/2016
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Bargaining Update from the President 10/24/2016

From the President

On Friday, October 20 th, the Superintendent sent out a message in School Matters stating, “Despite making several requests to the United School employees of Pasco (USEP) to resume negotiations, the union has declined any subsequent invitations to resume negotiations.”

Recognizing the need for a more complete financial picture in late August, USEP decided to postpone negotiations until the final reading of the budget, the release of the Superintendent’s Annual Financial Report (AFR), and to determine the actual number of students that would be sitting in seats resulting from the October FTE count. The final FTE date was October 14th.

On Monday October 18th, USEP requested to be notified of the official student count, to which the District responded that once they knew the actual FTE numbers they would share them with USEP. USEP has also raised questions about the District’s 9% plus Assigned and Unassigned Reserve Fund Balance, of which the Board and District insists they must maintain a 5% Unassigned Balance with the rest being assigned to cover various expenditures.

Last week USEP requested a meeting with District officials to have questions regarding the District’s Reserve fund and FTE numbers addressed. As of yet, the District has not responded to the request.

SRP proposals passed by USEP were for the creation of a SRP Solutions Committee to address issues that arise in the SRP Bargaining Unit, and an SRP Attendance Incentive program. Instructional proposals passed by USEP include Annual Contract Teacher Renewal language and Compensation for Teachers providing Substitute Coverage. Since February, in order to craft a Memorandum of Understanding for Differentiated Accountability Schools, USEP has asked for the District’s Differentiated Accountability Plans for Priority Schools, which are among the Lowest 300 of Florida schools. USEP has not received a response to our request on this important issue.

At the last bargaining session USEP passed to the District an economic proposal of a 4% pay increase for both units. The District did not bother to respond to the USEP proposal with a counter-proposal, but instead later passed an initial proposal which appears to be their first and final proposal.

Please know that USEP is working to negotiate in the best interest of all Bargaining Unit members and considering all options available. Once we have been provided all necessary information, USEP will return to the table and inform all Bargaining Unit members of the date.

Bargaining Units members are encouraged to reach out to the Board and ask them to direct the District to return to the table and engage USEP with counter-proposals to our language.

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