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USEP Election Results

USEP Election Results

Don Peace Elected USEP President; Lisa Mazza, Instructional Vice President!

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the Pasco County Division of Elections tabulated votes for the tri-annual election process for the 2017-2020 USEP Officer & Delegate positions. Beginning on February 23rd, using individual numeric identifiers generated by the Division of Elections, members of the United School Employees of Pasco voted electronically with completed ballots tabulated by the Division of Elections.

Two candidates, Kenny Blankenship, Incumbent, and Don Peace, ran for President, and two candidates, Lisa Mazza and Phil Altshuler, ran for Instructional Vice President. The SRP Vice President Lee Beville, Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Vinson were elected by acclimation and did not appear on the ballot. Other races not on the ballot since winners were declared by acclimation were for FEA Instructional & SRP delegates and NEA SRP delegates.

Candidates for President must be USEP members from either the instructional or SRP bargaining units. The Vice Presidents must come from their respective units.

The official results, as certified by Brian Corley, Pasco County Supervisor of Elections, and Frank Roder, Chairperson of the USEP Elections Committee, are as follows:

For the office of President:
Don Peace
427 votes (53.24%)
Kenny Blankenship
375 votes (46.76%)


For Instructional Vice President:
Lisa Mazza
466 votes (62.13%)
Phil Altshuler
284 votes (37.87%)

USEP Executive Board (Instructional) (Nine positions)
Jessica Williams, Connie Gourley, Annette Armstrong, Nancy Richie, Michael Aday, Fred Beauchamp, Katie Altshuler, Gloria Mouw and Nickol White all won seats on the Board.

SRP Executive Board (Non-Instructional) (Three positions)
Maryann Brini, Ed Garza won seats. A runoff election may be necessary for the other two candidates – Cindy VanZandt and Allison Spears.

NEA Representative Assembly Delegates (Four positions)
Lisa Mazza, Katie Altshuler, Nancy Richie and Rebecca Camunas won seats.

USEP is pleased to congratulate the winners of all races. The new president will take office on June 1st. USEP also wants to thank the Supervisor of Elections and his staff for providing professional and credible support to USEP during this important internal election. Their support affords our members the opportunity to vote at their convenience and provides them with an accurate and efficient tally of votes that are undisputable. Our members can be assured that their votes were treated with the utmost care and security.

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