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Hurricane Irma Update

To All Pasco County School Employees

Good Afternoon Everyone!  We are sending this note to first implore you to be safe, take care of your families, home, property, etc., and let’s get through this coming storm without too much difficulty! Here is some information we wanted to communicate to all Pasco County School employees for their usage during this local/state emergency:

School Closings
 At this time, as you should know already,  the District has decided to close schools tomorrow, Friday, September 8th, to offer safety to all employees but also to provide early “emergency shelters” to people evacuating their homes, whether it be from our area or South Florida.  All SRP & Instructional employees will be paid for Friday.  Make up time for Friday and any other lost day(s) has not yet been determined.

Shelter Personnel
USEP has been informed that initially, the District will designate 5 district high schools as Emergency Shelters to open Friday morning.  The schools designated are Fivay HS, Sunlake HS, WireGrass Ranch HS, River Ridge HS and Wesley Chapel HS.  These shelters will be staffed with District Administrators and various NNB employees for the duration.  The District may seek additional staff members to work, on a voluntary basis, and will pay employees time and one-half for all hours worked at these shelters.

Additional Shelter Openings
If the storm requires additional shelters to be opened, that will be publicly announced and the District has contact information for any employees volunteering to work at these shelters.

Schools ReOpening
At this time, schools will reopen this Monday, September 11,  2017.    It is possible, depending on storm issues, that shelters will remain open through Monday and therefore no school or work for that day.  So please check the District website, listen to TV or Radio reports, etc., to confirm when to return to work.

Personal/Sick Leave
If you have pre-approved leave for Friday, September 8th,  and now the District has closed schools for that day, you may want to rescind your leave so that the day is not charged against your accrued leave time.

Be Safe and we’ll see you next week!


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