Instructional Bargaining Update for the Week of 9/23/2019
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Instructional Bargaining Update for the Week of 9/23/2019

Instructional Bargaining Update #2
September 19th, 2019

The District asked for a joint session with both the Instructional and SRP Bargaining Teams. The District brought the Health and Welfare Language that was passed by both the SRP and Instructional. Many of the issues brought up by our teams were addressed by the District’s counter to our proposal. The teams will be looking at the District proposal for our next session.

Last Tuesday, President Peace stated in his remarks to the School Board that the survey of our effected members gave USEP clear direction as to the interest in teaching 6 periods at the Secondary Level.  Given the press around the 6 of 6, the District brought an Economic Proposal to the table last It addresses their plan to create additional funds for both Instructional and SRP by increasing the workload for Secondary Instructional Employees. Basically, by increasing the workload from teaching 5 periods to 6 periods, it would reduce the need for 250 Secondary Instructional employees. This would free up approximately 15.6 million in salary dollars according to their proposal. The District believes this can be accomplished through attrition only. The actual proposal for both units is posted on our website. As you will see, the proposal is very general in nature and relies on contingency language for exact increases.

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