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Instructional Bargaining Update for the Week of 10/21/2019
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Instructional Bargaining Update for the Week of 10/21/2019

Instructional Bargaining Update #4
October 24, 2019

IMPORTANT:  ALL SIGNED LANGUAGE AND MOUs as well as the latest proposals brought to the negotiations table are on our website:

NEXT SESSION:  Not yet scheduled

SUMMARY: Thursday, October 24th was our most recent session at the table.

  • USEP brought an economic counter proposal to the District’s two year economic proposal which included the 6 of 6 language for all secondary teachers. USEP’s counter removed the 6 of 6 language and asked for a one year agreement with a 4% raise.  The 4% was broken into cost of living and performance with 2% in each category. USEP asked for the Grandfather portion of performance pay to be raised to 1.32 as we have in the past several years.  We also put retroactive pay back into the language which the District had removed. The proposal in its entirety is on the USEP website.
  • USEP passed back a counter to the Health and Welfare Language that was passed by both the SRP and Instructional. The language on the Instructional proposal mirrors the SRP proposal that was passed at the last SRP session. We believe we are getting close to an agreement on that language.
  • team-graphicThe District brought an MOU on two new stipends that deal with Title I funding and compliance which can be assigned to either SRP or Instructional Bargaining members as well as an MOU on the State’s newest funding for Turnaround schools and performance. Both is these MOUs are on the website as well.

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