SRP Bargaining Update 11/1/2019
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SRP Bargaining Update 11/1/2019

SRP Bargaining Update
November 1, 2019

The Union and District teams met again on October 16th to resume normal contract negotiations. The Union passed its first “Economic Proposal” which was really a counterproposal to a District proposal of September 18th! The reason this process is taking longer this year is strictly due to the District’s insistence on their “6 of 6” period idea that would require all secondary teachers (Middle and High School) to increase from 5 to 6 the periods of teaching each day and give up the planning period they currently enjoy during the student day. Even though this proposal does not directly impact SRP employees, the District is still seeking to make that significant change to our instructional brothers and sisters and USEP has been unwilling to open that door.

Therefore, to summarize the events of October 16th, here are the details of our proposals:

Language or Memorandums signed off:

  • School Improvement Grant for Fox Hollow ES
  • Sick Leave Bank improvements – increasing the number of days of leave an SRP can take to mirror what teachers are granted;
  • Safety and Health Protections – USEP passed our 2nd counter proposal on this process;

USEP Economic Counterproposal:

  • Seeking an “across-the-board” salary increase of 4% for all SRP;
  • Additional considerations:
    • Instructional Assistants – an additional 25 cents per hour;
    • Senior Bus Drivers – with 14+ years of service, an additional 50 cents per hour;
    • OTA’s & PTA’s – seeking an additional $1.00 per hour;
    • Mileage Reimbursement Rate – increase this rate for all “school business related travel from the current 38 cents/hour to 50 cents/hour;
    • Pasco Service Incentive – for all SRP with 10 or more years of Pasco School District service, a $250 Bonus to recognize the commitment and dedication to the district;

The parties are now analyzing the district budget and potential areas to find additional funding to make these proposals a reality. We will get back to the bargaining table soon – we hope!

Stay tuned as always!

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