Today We Salute Our Teachers
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Today We Salute Our Teachers

On this Tuesday of Appreciation Week, USEP salutes our teachers. It goes without saying that teaching is a calling. Teachers devote their lives to giving students all the tools necessary to succeed in life and inspire them to do it. Dedicated professionals will do anything necessary to see to it that students learn and retain the skills necessary to help make them productive citizens. Our Pasco teachers are a shining example of that dedication.

What our teachers have done to adapt to the “Distance Learning” model of learning has been nothing short of miraculous. In just a short time, you have learned to negotiate the online learning platform to enable our students to continue their educational experience. Becoming attendance monitors, counselors, advisors, et al, you are guiding the leaders of tomorrow. Your investment of time, effort, concern and compassion into these students will inevitably pay off as they become leaders in society.

Teachers will never be paid their worth, simply because your impact is immeasurable. It takes a special kind of person to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Career educators are becoming extinct because of all the barriers being placed on the profession from legislation and curriculum. Frustration is high because of the barriers that keep popping up and blocking us from seeing our students reach their true potential. It is the goal of moving students forward that drives each of us to continue in the profession. Rewards are intrinsic, and rarely expressed. I suppose that’s why it’s so thrilling to follow former students and celebrate with them as goals are reached and their character shines. It’s rewarding to know you had a part in those successes.

Know that we are saying today what should be stated every day. You are appreciated! Thank you for what you do for our students and the impact you make in their lives. We at USEP appreciate all the sacrifices you make daily to invest in our students.


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