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Wednesday, USEP Salutes Our SRP
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Wednesday, USEP Salutes Our SRP

Like our teachers, SRP have been asked to adapt to the new distance learning model. IA’s have been asked to copy papers, file papers, grade papers, monitor student progress, counsel students, even act as an alarm clock for students. Behavior Specialists, counselors, therapists, and ESE paras have been asked to support mental health concerns for both students and families, encourage daily participation, monitor attendance and more. Nurses and clinic aides are now lifelines to student and family medical concerns.

FNS workers have found themselves, along with bus drivers, maintenance and others, at the forefront of what has become a feeding frenzy for our communities. We have continued to grow the student food service distribution program due to the tremendous needs of countless affected families to supply what, for some, may be the only food they receive.

Yesterday, clerical, custodial, and maintenance staff began returning to worksites. Others will soon follow. Work that has been neglected for weeks will now need to be addressed. For some, end of year records must be filed and analyses for next school year performed. For others, much needed maintenance projects can now begin. For still others, the deep cleaning of busses and buildings will take place as we prepare for what is hopefully a return to brick & mortar schooling in the fall.

Whatever your role, whatever you are now being asked to do, all of it is necessary as a part of the education process of our students. Thank you for your willingness to adapt. Thank you for adapting graciously and thank you for caring first and foremost for our students.

As I have said before, we are all a part of the educational wheel and all equally important. Take any spoke away and the wheel cannot continue to turn.

On this day, and for this week especially, know that USEP appreciates all you do! Needless to say, thanks should come more often, but many times gets lost in the rat-race of what we do. Know that all of you, regardless of job title, make a difference in the educational opportunity for our students. You do that proudly and you do that well.


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