Friday, May 15, 2020 Update
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Friday, May 15, 2020 Update

Hello USEP members,

This is an update on the ongoing conversations between USEP and the District.

Pasco eSchool is looking to transition several teachers to a 245-day contract. This is an effort on the part of the District to make sure the summer sessions are covered with an appropriate number of teachers without having a last-minute scramble to fill jobs each summer. We are amid conversation as to how that plays out. We want to make sure that no harm comes to those who have worked the summer sessions in the past. There are also leave, FRS and economic considerations as well.

We have signed off on the ESY program for this summer. The District is adding several additional programs to help with student reading, and to supplement the distance learning program for those with learning difficulties. All ESY programs will be virtual for this summer. The District is hoping to lower student-teacher ratios, so additional opportunities should be available.

The Summer Feeding Program is also being worked on. We are in the process of working out details of summer bus routes as well as an expansion of the existing student feeding program. This will allow many additional individuals to benefit from summer earnings. A zoom meeting today with transportation employees will help us work through some of the issues with this expansion.

VPK is unsettled at this time due to possible changes from the state but will be the subject of upcoming talks.

We are still working with the District to deal with concerns regarding the end of the year. There is no talk of any extension of this school year, however, considerable conversation is being had regarding the start of next school year. Much of the decision rests with the CDC requirements for social distancing and how schools transition according to yet unannounced CDC guidelines. We will keep you informed should something be decided, but that decision will most likely be made after looking at state data on COVID-19.

We are nearing the end of this school year (take a deep breath) and again, USEP wants to thank all of you for your over-the-top endeavor to make sure students have an opportunity to learn. We stand ready to assist wherever we can.

Don Peace
USEP President

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