USEP Update 10/16/2020
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USEP Update 10/16/2020


HB 641 created a new line item of funding for each school District, including Charter Schools, to use to increase the minimum base salary for full-time classroom teachers (Defined by F.S. 1012.01) and full-time pre-kindergarten teachers. 80% of these funds were allocated to increase the minimum base salary for Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) funded full-time K-12 classroom teachers and FEFP funded pre-kindergarten teachers. The remaining 20% of these funds were allocated to provide salary increases for FEFP funded instructional personnel as defined in F.S. 1012.01 (2)(b)-(d) who are not eligible for increases through the 80% allocation as well as those classroom and pre-kindergarten teachers who received less than a 2% increase from the 80% allocation. THERE WERE NO DESIGNATED FUNDS FOR SRP!

Pasco county received $13,311,929 through the Teacher Salary Increase categorical on the FEFP. Of this total amount, $1,212,301 has been allocated to the District’s charter schools, leaving $12,099,628 for the District’s use. $1,923,322 would cover the required employer benefit withholdings for programs like Social Security, Medicare, the Florida Retirement System. That leaves a total of $10,176,306 to be divided across eligible employees. The 80% allocation of salary dollars is therefore $8,141,045, with the 20% allocation amounting to $2,035,261. This calculation would only bring the base salary amount to approximately $45,000 for those eligible. The remaining 20%, including many of our Grandfathered teachers, would currently get an approximate 1.3-1.4% raise.

Although we understand that we need to work within the parameters of the law relative to the 80% distribution, we are continuing to work to potentially identify additional recurring funds outside of the Teacher Salary Increases categorical to supplement the remaining 20% or $2,035,261 salary dollars made available through the Teacher Salary Increase categorical.

The District has also fallen short on its projected growth in student population by some 1400+ students. The state has already given the FTE funding for these students but may be asking for a refund should the FTE calculation for October fall short of projections. It is unlikely the District would commit funds to salary increases under the current unknown student count as this would obligate future recurring dollars. We are looking to do better for employees. We do not have enough information to reach an agreement for all employees. Negotiations are continuing, and we are meeting regularly with the goal of reaching consensus on the 2020-2021 collective bargaining agreements as quickly as circumstances allow. No funds will be distributed until an agreement can be reached for all employees.


There are just 20 days until Election Day. This may be one of the most historic elections ever. Millions of voters have already cast their ballots, but we want to make sure that all FEA members have made their plans to go vote. While we respect your personal political opinion, we would ask that you consider the issues at hand and vote accordingly. Public Education is a critical issue on the national and State level platforms of many candidates. Please stand up for Public Education. If you are so inclined, FEA is asking for volunteers to help with a Day of Action. Please view the PDF for more information.


USEP has learned that employees are currently unable to make MyHealthOnsite appointments while using the Chrome browser. The District and MyHealthOnsite team are in the process of fixing this problem. For now, appointments may by using the Firefox browser for MyHealthOnsite or by calling the appointment line at 888-644-1448.


Flu Vaccines now available at the HWC’s. Beginning October 15th, ALL employees may receive the quadrivalent flu vaccine at one of the six onsite Health and Wellness Centers. Appointments are required. Please log into your My Health Onsite portal using the free Healow app or call 888-644-1448 to schedule your appointment.

Download Healow on the App Store or get it on Google Play. Practice code is DAAEBD.


USEP has included in our Health and Safety Reopening MOU, language that, if accepted, would allow Sick Leave Bank members to utilize the Sick Leave Bank PRIOR to using ANY personal accrued leave. It is imperative, however, that you join the Sick Leave Bank during the current enrollment period. Please click on link for more info – 2020-21 Instructional Sick Leave Bank memo


On Tuesday evening, October 13, 2020, the TIGER PRIDE Executive Board (USEP members of the Executive Board who are current TIGER PRIDE members) voted on what, if any, action to take as far as USEP is concerned, on the Superintendent of Schools, County Commissioner District 3 and County Commissioner District 5 races. The TIGER PRIDE Executive Board unanimously voted to adopt a “TAKE NO ACTION” position on all three elected positions. This means, according to our TIGER PRIDE By-Laws, that a recommendation is coming to our TIGER PRIDE REP COUNCIL (Rep Council members who are TIGER PRIDE members) to vote on acceptance of the position as recommended to “TAKE NO ACTION” on these three elected positions. The final decision lies with our TIGER PRIDE Rep Council vote.

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If you are an employee of Pasco County Schools and not already a member of USEP, consider joining today! Members are eligible for a wide range of benefits through our affiliates and benefit partners. USEP also provides members with professional development opportunities and representation for member issues.