USEP Update – Friday, 10/23/2020
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USEP Update – Friday, 10/23/2020


Wednesday evening, USEP and District negotiating teams for both SRP and Instructional met and agreed on the MOU that contains health and safety language. We are very pleased to announce that one of the biggest takeaways of this MOU is ADDITIONAL PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE PROVISIONS FOR EMPLOYEES PRIOR TO THE USE OF PERSONAL ACCRUED LEAVE. THIS IS WHAT YOUR UNION HAS DONE ON YOUR BEHALF!

The SRP Bargaining Team was able to secure language in the Memorandum that supports SRP staff with strong health and safety language relating to Mask Waivers, distribution of PPE and a commitment from the District to review any situation that involves an SRP being out of work in excess of 110 days, to possibly return to their original work assignment and not be placed elsewhere. As it relates to leaves related to COVID-19 exposure and/or positive tests, the district remains committed to the 10 days of Emergency paid sick leave and up to an additional 20 days of Administrative Leave if necessary, for multiple exposures, provided a certain criteria is met.

The Instructional Teams of USEP and the District came to an agreement on many concerns regarding working during the current pandemic. What was paramount through the two-month process was that both parties had the safety and health of all employees in mind. The memorandum is available in its entirety on the USEP website.

One of the notable agreements clarified that instructional staff will not be mandated to clean classrooms, but of course may use cleaning supplies at their discretion.

Teachers may continue to supervise from outside their classroom while students are unmasked during breakfast in their room. If being outside the classroom is limited due to the structure of the room or the nature of the student population, the teacher and administration may work together to find an alternative solution.

As it relates to leaves related to COVID exposure and/or positive tests, the District remains committed to the 10 days of Emergency Paid Sick Leave for any quarantine, symptoms or testing. Once that leave is exhausted and the employee is exposed again or develops symptoms as a result of exposure at the worksite, the District will provide an additional 20 days of administrative leave if certain criteria are met. With this agreement, the employee could have 6 weeks available before they would have to use their own sick leave for COVID related quarantine or symptoms.

Now, both Negotiating teams can move forward with conversations regarding salary increases. This year will be especially challenging because of the Teacher Salary Incentive. This incentive, mandated to us from the Legislature, provides categorical funding for most, but not all, teachers and provides nothing for SRP. As the Superintendent noted earlier, the District could offer approximately 1.5% for salary increases for all employees not covered by the TSI right now. USEP IS NOT SATISFIED WITH THAT AMOUNT! WE WANT TO DO MORE FOR ALL EMPLOYEES! As we move forward with these conversations, we are asking the District to find additional funding to reward our hard-working education professionals. Everyone, regardless of your job title, is being asked to do more and do things differently this year. USEP understands and wants to see you rewarded for that!


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