USEP Update – Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2020
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USEP Update – Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2020

USEP members,

Here are the most recent developments as of late:

READING ENDORSEMENT: With the recent Executive Order from the D.O.E., the requirements for the Reading Endorsement have been extended through June 30, 2021. Our District continues to offer classes and USEP strongly encourages employees to take advantage of the opportunity to complete these courses online.

ADA ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are currently receiving ADA accommodations, it may be necessary for you to obtain ”additional or more detailed medical documentation” to remain in an ADA accommodated status. You would have received a written notice from the District just prior to the Thanksgiving break if this applied to you. This is particularly true if you received your medical documentation from the MyHealthOnsite wellness centers who have been advised by their legal guidance not to give detailed medical information. It may be necessary for you to go to your Primary Care Physician to receive the detailed medica documentation to substantiate the ADA accommodations you currently have (MSOL, eSchool). Please be aware there is a December 9th deadline for employees to satisfy this requirement.

MSOL: The D.O.E. has extended the funding for the hybrid model (MSOL) of learning through the end of the current school year. This is good news as there are still options for students/parents and it provides for continued employment for those employees currently working in that learning model.

ECONOMICS: The District has learned that because we did not meet the projected student growth for this year, funds will be reduced for the next FTE computation. The amount of reduction is not known at this time. We have had our third meeting with senior District staff and are working collaboratively to seek out additional funding sources to increase salaries appropriately to all employees beyond the 1.5% previously stated as available.

LANGUAGE: As you know, both the SRP and Instructional teams signed off on the Health and Safety (ReOpening) MOU in late October. The Instructional team recently signed off on Title 1 Supplements, ESSA, Computer Science and the Fox Hollow Sig Grant. Still outstanding are language on Dual Enrollment, Virtual Instruction and MTEC/WKTHS.

Signed documents from this year’s negotiations are available to view on the USEP website.

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