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Bargaining Update: Initial Economic Proposal

USEP and District instructional bargaining teams met again last night and the Union passed our initial “Economic Proposal” . The USEP proposal incorporated components, now required by state law (Senate Bill 736), that requires teachers on Annual Contracts to be compensated on a performance pay basis and allows for teachers with Professional Service (PSC) or

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Bargaining Update: Protected Individual Planning Time Increased

USEP and the District reached a tentative agreement last night on two significant pieces of contract terms.  The District agreed to the Union’s proposal and planning time by agreeing to increase overall and individual planning time for teachers by 50 minutes each week.  This means teachers will have 300 overall minutes of planning each week

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What is this Early Retirement Benefit the District Wants to Take Away?

The District has made it clear it wants to eliminate the negotiated Early Retirement Benefit for current employees, not those who are already retired and receiving the benefit. Years ago USEP negotiated the early retirement benefit to help reduce the penalty FRS imposes for employees who have not reached age 62 or who have 30

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District at Loggerheads Over Negotiations, Priorities Don’t Match Up!

On Tuesday, September 02, USEP and District leaders to discuss this year’s priorities in this year’s contract negotiations.   The meeting did not bring the sides closer to a speedy agreement. The District continues to seek restrictions and limitations driving their push to teacher transfers, elimination of tobacco use on district properties, eliminating the Early Retirement benefit,

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USEP and District Negotiations Going Nowhere Fast

USEP and District negations quickly turned sour when the District stonewalled USEP proposals and sought major restrictions on teacher transfer rights and illness/injury on the job leave time. The District is also proposing to eliminate National Board Certification reimbursement and is resisting signing non-controversial Memorandums of Understanding that have been signed for years. Further, District

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Contract Negotiations: A Positive Start

Contract negotiations began in earnest this week with the Union and District teams (Instructional and SRP) holding our first meetings. The Instructional team met on Monday, and the SRP team on Wednesday afternoon. Everyone involved entered this summer’s negotiations on a positive note, agreeing that there is much to accomplish over the next couple of

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Pasco School Employees Ratify New Contracts

After counting over 5,500 teacher and school related personnel votes, the United School Employees of Pasco received a stamp of approval on the most recently negotiated contracts with the District School Board of Pasco County.  Sixty-eight percent of eligible employees cast ballots on Thursday, September 26, 2013.  The USEP Election Committee counted the ballots last

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What Happened to the $2,500 the Governor Promised? and other Questions.

So What Happened to the $2,500 the Governor Promised? The $2,500 was the Governor’s goal.  The amount was to include District retirement and FICA payments, which drops the amount to a little over $2,100.  The Legislature didn’t agree with the Governor and, instead, approved a lower amount.  That amount was designated as a “categorical.”  As

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USEP/District Agree on Teacher Evaluations

 Last evening (Tuesday), the USEP and District bargaining teams reached agreement on the teacher evaluation process as mandated by SB-736. The District did not pass an economic counter to USEP’s initial economic proposal. District negotiators indicated that the Superintendent had heard from a number of employees endorsing USEP’s “shares” proposal and wanted to discuss with the

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