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NTA Life wanted to let you know that everyone at NTA Life, your USEP benefit partner, is there to help you navigate through an unprecedented time. They offer supplemental insurance plans at very competitive rates to what is available at open enrollment. If you have any of their plans, rest assured that your agent and their home office are there for you. Your benefits with NTA are the same they always were. If you are a policyholder, you probably already know how important these benefits can be.

NTA Life also is aware that many schools will miss out on their annual enrollment at your school. Well NTA has great news for you. In light of the current work environment, they have made it possible to handle any enrollment over the phone, even if you are not a current policyholder. At the bottom of the page, you will find the benefit brochures for their Cancer Plan, Heart Plan, and Accident Plan. You will also find an easy to read premium rate sheet that lists all of the biweekly payment options. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Once enrolled, the rate you get does not change as you get older. Your age band rate stays the same as long as you keep your plan in force.
  • These plans are 100% portable and will go with you wherever you go and do not stop at age 65, you just must be enrolled before age 65.
  • Children are covered at NO CHARGE under the Cancer and Heart Plans until age 27 or until married, whatever happens first.
  • Spouses can also be covered and they use the younger of the two of you as the related age for qualifying.
  • You get paid to get an annual wellness screening under both Cancer and Heart. That includes everyone under the plan.
  • The accident plan will pay benefits on any injury that required medical advice.

NTA Life makes it simple, if you have questions simply go to and they will reach out in no time. And please, stay safe and sane. We are going to need you when we all go back to school!

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