TIGER Pride: Total Involvement in Government and Education Reform

TIGER PRIDE is the political arm of the United School Employees of Pasco. Regular dues money paid to the USEP is not used for political purposes, so TIGER PRIDE was created to help effect political change in an arena that is critical to the survival of public education. Below are some questions and answers regarding TIGER PRIDE and its activities, as well as a donation card that you can fill out to get involved in this very important committee.

How do I join TIGER PRIDE?

All you need to do is print off a copy of the TIGER PRIDE Membership card, fill it out, and mail or hand deliver it to the United School Employees of Pasco Office. Due to legal restrictions, we cannot use the school district’s courier system to deliver these cards. Donations to TIGER PRIDE can be made in one time contributions, or deducted on a paycheck by paycheck schedule, with the amount deducted determined by you. Should you have any questions about joining, please contact the USEP Office for information.

Why does USEP need a political action committee?

Politics drastically affect your job and your union! The legislative process is the foundation of good contracts for teachers and all school related personnel. USEP’s political action committee, TIGER PRIDE, helps elect legislators statewide officials who become strong advocates for our causes in Tallahassee and Washington. Support of our issues is largely a result of our political influence.

Salaries, certification, school safety, education reform, career advancement, health care and retirement are real concerns for us. With your collective support, TIGER PRIDE can make a difference on these important issues by electing true friends of education.

Where does my TIGER PRIDE money go?

TIGER PRIDE dollars go toward communicating with you, the community and elected officials. TIGER PRIDE money is also used to make campaign contributions to supporters of our concerns in education on the local, state, and national levels. The contribution that you give to TIGER PRIDE, combined with those of your colleagues, are used to communicate our interests and needs to people who can make a difference.

How does TIGER PRIDE decide to support or oppose an issue?

You, as the members, give us the direction on issues. We research the issues, disseminate information via publications and phone calls, and then solicit input from you through surveys, meetings, and direct conversation. We work for you!

Will TIGER PRIDE tell me how to vote?

No, TIGER PRIDE does not tell union members how to vote. We provide members with materials on the candidates, along with their voting records and other information to help individuals make responsible choices. A united TIGER PRIDE means political success.

How are the candidates we support selected?

Teachers and school related personnel with an interest in politics become active participants in the TIGER PRIDE process. The TIGER PRIDE Executive Board screens candidates on their positions regarding education and working people issues, their leadership and/or committee positions, and the ability of the challenger to be a viable candidate. We then recommend endorsements to the TIGER PRIDE Representative Council. TIGER PRIDE has endorsed and then worked to elect many of education’s strongest allies.

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If you are an employee of Pasco County Schools and not already a member of USEP, consider joining today! Members are eligible for a wide range of benefits through our affiliates and benefit partners. USEP also provides members with professional development opportunities and representation for member issues.