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USEP Internal Election Procedures
(Please follow carefully)

USEP is moving to a new method of conducting our Internal Elections this year. This year’s elections, in conjunction with the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Office, will be done electronically for the first time. USEP is not involved in the distribution, tabulation or reporting of results of this election. This will be done solely by the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Office. Please read and follow the directions below as you assist in coordinating this important Union process.

  1. The USEP Office will be sending to all Building Reps a list of members (Sign-Off list) eligible to vote at their respective schools/worksites. This list should be at your school/worksite by Friday, February 17th. Please use this list as the sign-in list when you distribute the sealed envelopes described below.
  2. The Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Office will be mailing to all Building Reps or members willing to assist, at their schools, a large envelope that will have individually labeled and sealed envelopes with each eligible member’s name on it. This envelope should be given to each member – as they come to you and sign off by their names on the List above, acknowledging receipt of the voting envelope. Each envelope will have a “unique numeric identifier” that the member will use to vote by entering their choices on the computer. This number is assigned and controlled by the Supervisor of Elections to ensure it can only be used once!
  3. For those of you distributing envelopes, please work with your principal in advance to designate specific time(s) and place for you to be available to members to stop by, sign your Member List and provide them with the sealed envelope with their names on it. Remember to consider members who work part-time or evenings. You can also hold a Union meeting, members only, to distribute the sealed envelopes.
  4. Uniter Distribution: A Uniter was sent to you earlier this week but we later realized corrections were needed. Therefore, please discard that Uniter!New Distribution:SRP: Hard copy with the wording “REVISED” in the upper left corner. Please post this Uniter on the USEP Bulletin Board and distribute to all SRP members.

    Instructional: Please look for an E-Mail with a PDF attached.

    ** All members can access a web-based Uniter at:

  5. Get with your principal or supervisor and make a reminder announcement over the PA system at the beginning of the workday(s) that you intend to be available to distribute the sealed envelopes.
  6. If you still have sealed envelopes after distributing to the best of your ability, we ask that you place the remaining envelopes, along with the Sign-off List, in an envelope and return to the USEP Offices via the District courier. Additionally, if you are able to distribute all sealed envelopes to members at your school/worksite, please return the sign-in List to USEP in the district courier.
  7. School computers – employees can utilize school computers to log-in and vote as long as this is done after work hours, lunch and break periods. Please ensure you follow these restrictions if you choose this method.
  8. The voting dates as previously publicized begin on February 23rd and run through March 9th, at 5:30pm.
  9. If you have any discrepancies between your member List, the sealed envelopes or any other questions, please contact Jim Ciadella or Candie Compola at the USEP Offices at (813) 996-2119.



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