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December 8th, 2016

Coming Soon: USEP Elections

In March the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections will conduct USEP’s internal elections for USEP officers, executive board members and convention delegates. The Division will mail ballots to worksites for USEP members to complete and return by mail to the Elections Supevisor. Return postage will be prepaid. How much simpler can it get!

If the elections for USEP officers and executive board are uncontested, the USEP Elections Committee will conduct the balloting for convention delegates via paper ballots and the courier system.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • USEP members retain the ultimate control of their union through the election process.
  • Voting is your right and responsibility!

Who Can Run for Office?

To run for USEP office or as a delegate, you must be a USEP member in good standing since December 2nd (dues paying). Some additional requirements apply to specific offices.

President and Vice Presidents: To run for these positions, a member must have served the past year as an active building representative, executive board member, or officer. A Building Representative is considered to be active if he/she is a Certified or Master Building Rep OR has attended at least five major functions within the past year.While both Instructional and SRP members are eligible to run for President, a member must be in the SRP bargaining unit to run for SRP Vice President and in the Instructional bargaining unit to run for Instructional Vice President.

Any member, Instructional or SRP, may sign the official nomination form for a USEP Officer.

Secretary-Treasurer: Any member may run for this office or sign the official nomination form.

Executive Board: A member must be in the Instructional bargaining unit to run for Instructional Executive Board seats and in the SRP bargaining unit to run for SRP Executive Board seats. The nomination form requires ten (10) signatures of USEP members in good standing from the applicable unit - Instructional or SRP.

Nomination Forms: Members interested in running for Officer or Executive Board must complete the Official Officer or Executive Board Member Nomination Form which requires ten (10) signatures of USEP members in good standing as specified above. USEP nomination forms are available from your building rep, by contacting the USEP office, or online.

Delegate Elections

To run for delegate to any of the conventions, a member must complete a separate Official Delegate Nomination Form for each convention. To be nominated as a delegate, a candidate must submit the Delegate Nomination form with the signatures of two (2) USEP members in good standing from the applicable unit. Delegate nomination forms are available from your Building Rep, the USEP office or online.

Possible Run-Off Election

If a candidate for one of the four offices does not receive a majority of votes cast (50% plus one) or if there is a tie for the last slot of Instructional or SRP Executive Board seats or convention delegate, there will be a run-off election.

USEP Election Timelines

Thursday, 12/8/2016, Nomination forms. timelines and procedures sent to worksites via school courier.

Thursday, 12/22/2016, 4:30 p.m. Deadline for receipt of nomination forms at the USEP office.

Tuesday, 1/17/2017, 6:00 p.m. Mandatory meeting at USEP office for candidates to meet with Elections Committee to sign procedures forms. Building Representative and/or member listing(s) available. Random drawing to determine order of names on ballots.

Wednesday, 1/25/2017, 4:30 p.m. Deadline for USEP office receipt of candidates’ request for member listings and candidates’ statements for Election UNITER.

Wednesday, 2/1/2017, Election UNITER sent to worksites.

Thursday, 2/23/2017 - Thursday, 3/9/2017, Balloting by mail.

Thursday, 3/9/2017, Deadline for ballots to be received by Pasco County Supervisor of Elections.

Thursday, 3/9/2017, 5:30 p.m. Election results tabulated by Pasco County Supervisor of Elections.

Who Can Vote

Only members of USEP can vote in USEP elections.
To be eligible to vote, you must have joined USEP by Tuesday, December 2nd, 2016.
Members who are on unpaid leave of absence or who joined after the deadline are not eligible to vote.
Cash-pay members’ dues must be paid up to date.

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Duties of USEP Officers and Executive Board

The primary responsibility of the President of USEP is to carry out and to oversee the policies and programs of USEP and advance its mission, vision and goals. The President serves fulltime, year-round as USEP’s Chief Executive Officer and works with USEP affiliates, governance, staff and membership to provide continuity in the activities of USEP and to ensure the best possible service and programs to members.

The President represents USEP before the public, district, media, and affiliates and is the top ranking delegate to all affiliate governing conventions and bodies, requiring numerous evening and weekend assignments. The implementation of policies adopted by the Representative Council or administered by the Executive Board is the responsibility of the President along with overseeing the collective bargaining process and contract enforcement for the bargaining units.

The President also manages the USEP office by determining and overseeing the daily office procedures, assigning duties and responsibilities to officers and staff, evaluating staff performance, making hiring recommendations, negotiating with staff, and coordinating all aspects of staff contract administration.

The Vice Presidents are the second highest ranking officers of USEP. They work under the direction of the President to advance the mission, vision and goals of USEP. They advise and assist the President, preside over meetings in the absence of the President, act as the President’s designee when requested by the President, and are responsible for duties as assigned by the President. Some years, the Vice Presidents have served in a full-time release capacity thanks to grants from the American Federation of Teachers and the Florida Education Association. USEP will not continue the vice president positions as fulltime release for the foreseeable future.

The Secretary-Treasurer’s responsibility is to monitor the USEP budget, accounts, properties, investments and dues collection; oversee audits and preparation of all reports required by governmental agencies or affiliates; record minutes of all official meetings and policies, report to the Executive Board and Representative Council as necessary, and be responsible for other duties as delegated by the President. Because the position is not fulltime release, the Secretary-Treasurer receives a small monthly mileage stipend.

The Executive Board acts on behalf of the organization between Representative Council meetings and reviews and recommends the budget and dues, the adoption of policies and programs, and the censure of Officers, Executive Board Members, Building Representatives or members for cause. The Executive Board is responsible for directing the implementation of policies as adopted by the Representative Council, approves expenditures beyond the budget and establishes parameters for the management of USEP property and operations. The Executive Board also negotiates and ratifies contracts with staff and officers, acts as an appeal/review board in matters of USEP policies and programs including elections, grievances, and staff matters.

Executive Board members are chosen from and by the members of the respective unit (teacher and SRP). Because Executive Board positions are not fulltime release, members receive a small monthly mileage stipend.

USEP Convention Delegates

State and national affiliate convention delegate voting will be included on the USEP ballot. Delegates for two conventions are being elected. Convention delegates serve a leadership role by influencing the direction of our state affiliate, the Florida Education Association and our national affiliates. NEA holds its conventions annually while AFT holds its conventions every two years.

Delegates vote on important issues such as constitutional amendments, positions on educational issues, and candidates running for state or national offices.

Delegates also attend a variety of workshops, committees, and constituency caucuses. Only SRP members can nominate and vote for SRP delegates, and only Instructional members can nominate and vote for Instructional delegates.


Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly, is usually held Thursday evening through Saturday, in the month of October in Orlando, Florida. USEP will send 8 teachers and 4 SRP and provide union leave for Friday. These delegates will also attend FEA’s 2018 and 2019 Delegate Assemblies.


National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly, to be held June 30 - July 5, in Boston, MA. USEP will send 4 teachers and 2 SRP.


NOTE: USEP will offset some delegate expenses as set by the USEP budget. Typically, these expenses include travel and hotel. However, delegates will have out-of-pocket expenses—especially for meals and entertainment. Employees who work summer ESY session will have to use unpaid personal leave if elected.

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If you are an employee of Pasco County Schools and not already a member of USEP, consider joining today! Members are eligible for a wide range of benefits through our affiliates and benefit partners. USEP also provides members with professional development opportunities and representation for member issues.