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Zoom Worksite Meetings

Hello Building Reps,

As a result of Coronavirus, we are unable to hold our traditional face to face USEP worksite meetings.  However, it is probably more important than ever that we hold meetings in order to communicate with each other to answer questions and concerns.  We are suggesting that Building Reps use Zoom to schedule USEP Worksite meetings and recruit members.  As you are probably aware, Zoom allows people to hold video conferences from the safety of their own homes.  To help make this process easier, we have developed a step by step process for holding a Zoom worksite meeting.  Meetings to recruit would follow a similar format.

Before the Meeting

 Step 1:  Figure out a time and date for the meeting.  Do not try to come up with a date that works for everyone.  The reality is that even when we did our normal worksite meetings, some people couldn’t make it for any number of reasons.  Pick a date and time that you think will work for most people.  If your worksite has more than one building rep, please include the other building reps in this process.  Reach out to your Business Rep to see if he/she is available to join.
Step 2: Communicate with principal or supervisor.  Just like you did for normal worksite meetings, you should get approval from your principal or supervisor for your date and time for your Zoom meeting.  This helps to avoid scheduling conflicts.
Step 3: Send out an email meeting invitation with the Zoom link several days or a week before the meeting.  Set up the meeting on Zoom to get the link.  Send out the email to your worksite list.  Include an agenda for the meeting.  The agenda could be “General Updates” or it could include specific worksite issues that need to be discussed.
Step 4: Send out a reminder (again with the Zoom link) the morning of the meeting.

 During the Meeting (If possible, divide up some of these responsibilities)

 Step 1: Open up the Zoom meeting by clicking on the link
Step 2: Be sure to Mute everyone.  (The person that set up the meeting on Zoom (Host) will have the power to “manage participants”.)
Step 3: Unmute people that need to be unmuted
Step 4: Set the ground rules.  As a building rep, this is your meeting.  Let participants know what to expect.  Inform them that they need to be muted while someone else is speaking.  Make sure everyone is aware of the chat feature.  Begin meeting by discussing agenda items or unmute, raise hand or chat features.
Step 5: Take attendance.  At some point write down a list of all meeting participants on the normal USEP Worksite Meeting form.  (Attendees do not need to sign this form.)

After the Meeting

 Step 1: Send USEP office your Worksite Meeting Form.  Fill out the Worksite Meeting Form.  Scan or even take a picture of it and email it to the USEP office.  Be sure that all who attended are listed.  Reminder, attendees do not need to sign this form.
Step 2: Send out a summary email to your worksite.
Step 3: Start to think about when you want to schedule your next meeting.

 Note: It is NOT a good idea to record these meetings. Unintended consequences may arise.

 Feel free to reach out to your Business Rep if you have any questions about how to do a Zoom meeting.  Thank you for all that you do!  We will get through this together.

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