The Florida Legislature and Governor Ron Desantis have made it known that they will be coming after Public Education unions with bills that would make it harder for current union members to pay dues, diminish the work unions can do, and add additional steps required to join a union.

WHY? What have teachers and support staff done to undermine anyone's trust in us? All we have done is work harder to make sure our students receive the best opportunity to receive a quality education. We show up every day, deliver high-quality lessons, sacrifice personally to see our students succeed, and strive to be the best we can be - FOR THE STUDENTS!

EDUCATION SHOULD NOT BE POLITICAL! We should make sound decisions based on what is best for our students and employees. Remember, the only way a student gets a world-class education is for us to recruit, reward & retain highly-qualified educators and support staff to guide them on their educational journey, provide livable salaries, quality benefits and provide good working conditions - all the things that are covered in our contracts!

Politicians have joined with the Governor to announce some deeply disturbing changes to how ONLY EDUCATION UNIONS do business. For far too long, Tallahassee legislators have played fast & loose with Public Education and they are using our students as pawns in a political vendetta.

They are trying to break us. They are trying to divide us. They are trying to make our work harder. We, Public Education employees, are a profession and MUST STAND TOGETHER FOR EACH OTHER AND OUR PROFESSION! IF THEY BREAK US, OUR CONTRACT COULD GO AWAY! WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT!


Please have conversations with non-members at your worksite. Let them know what YOUR union has done for you! They can join today at and click on the "Join USEP" button.

Legislative Preview – 2023 Session

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