Bargaining Update: 6/3/2016
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Bargaining Update: 6/3/2016


As we head into the summer months, your colleagues on the USEP bargaining teams will continue to volunteer their time and talents to work toward a settlement with the District for the 2016-2017 contracts. We hope that you will take an active interest in negotiations and follow our progress through our summer bargaining updates. You can sign up for these updates to be sent to your home email address through the following link:

Since launching our negotiations in April, the District and Union Instructional and SRP bargaining teams have met three times to present and discuss a number of proposals. So far, several tentative agreements have been reached.

The most significant proposals already on the table have come in the form of language openers from USEP. USEP has proposed annual contract renewal language, seeking to provide clear expectations for AC teachers to be awarded a contract renewal. While state statute prohibits Districts from offering Professional Service Contracts or Continuing Contracts, 36 districts in Florida offer some sort AC protection language. It is USEP’s contention that providing clear expectations for continued employment costs the District nothing and provides some much needed peace of mind for an ever-growing number of our instructional employees.

Additionally, USEP’s SRP team has proposed language intended to improve transfers and reassignments, allowing a bid process which utilizes seniority in the District as the deciding factor in awarding assignments.

The District has yet to bring any language openers to the table.

The Florida Legislature’s early session resulted in a budget that included a modest 3.03% increase in total funding for Pasco County. We anticipate turning the conversation to compensation later this summer.

All bargaining sessions are open to observers, and we invite you to attend as your summer schedule permits. Our next bargaining sessions will be scheduled after the school year concludes. They will be announced and posted on the USEP website and social media pages. You can help us advocate for improved working conditions for all District employees by reaching out to the school board to encourage them to support our proposals. Remember that we are stronger together!

Continue to monitor the bargaining process through the summer by joining us on Facebook or signing up for USEP updates.


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Establishing Ground Rules

At the beginning of each bargaining cycle, the parties agree to abide by a defined set of rules. These rules guide the entire process and ensure that both parties treat each other as equals at the table.

One critical rule limits the number of language openers that each side can propose in the cycle. This limit has traditionally been set to three openers per team. Existing MOUs and Economics are automatic openers and do not count against either side. Additionally, language opened through mutual agreement does not count as a language opener for either side.


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As you plan your summer budgets, it may be helpful to know that the District has published the following 2016-2017 pay dates:


First paycheck next year August 26, 2016
Next paychecks next year September 9th and every 2 weeks thereafter
Final paychecks next year (5) checks on May 31, 2017 and (1) more on June 14th



First paycheck next year (for most SRP) August 26, 2016
Next paychecks next year September 9th and every 2 weeks thereafter

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If you are an employee of Pasco County Schools and not already a member of USEP, consider joining today! Members are eligible for a wide range of benefits through our affiliates and benefit partners. USEP also provides members with professional development opportunities and representation for member issues.