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Bargaining Update 8/25/2016
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Bargaining Update 8/25/2016

USEP Bargaining Update

“More of the Same”

Tonight contract negotiations continued in the 7th Instructional bargaining session for the 2106-2017 school year with USEP presenting an opening “Economic Proposal” for the teachers. The USEP proposal provided for a 4%, $9,404,815.28, overall increase for salaries with 2%, 4,702,407.64, to be used for a Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) increase and 2%, 4,702,407.64, to be used for Pay For Performance (PFP), exclusive of supplements. The District coffers contain 10.59% of the total operating budget in the reserve fund, 5.27% of which is unassigned with the rest being assigned for District priorities. The Board has consistently maintained that 5% of the unassigned reserve fund is for protecting its bond ratings.

As with the SRP negotiations last night, the District passed a similar proposal, matching exactly what the Superintendent previously mentioned in his email to employees, School Matters video, and quotes in the Gradebook blog over the past few weeks.

USEP passed a Memorandum of Understanding for Differentiated Accountability (DA) Schools Training. The MOU calls for teachers to be paid their hourly rate for any additional hours worked beyond their regular workday, and that required hours be limited to one additional hour per month, with anything more being voluntary. The MOU also calls for a $500 supplement for those remaining at the school through May 31, 2017. Teachers at these schools who are rated less than effective will be given transfer preference.

USEP has been asking for the District’s DA plan since as far back as February. To date, no DA plan has been presented to USEP and no District proposal has been passed across the table in any negotiations meeting. About two weeks ago, the District did send a short, amorphous, nebulous paragraph or so indicating general ideas about requirements for teachers at DA Schools.

Currently there is no language addressing DA Schools and teachers at those schools are not contractually obligated to work past their contracted hours.

It is important to remember that these negotiations are about more than just salary increases, they are also about working conditions. The district has not responded to any language passed by either bargaining unit since our first proposals were passed in May/June. USEP passed important language for teachers addressing working conditions, such as Contract Renewal for Annual Contract Teachers, and language addressing teachers who substitute on the instructional side. For SRP, USEP passed language addressing an attendance incentive, transfer/re-assignment language based on seniority, and a proposal for a committee to address SRP workplace issues.

USEP believes that the District can adjust, dig a little deeper, and do better for the employees who invest in our community every day. It’s time for our District to invest in them!

Remember, our working conditions are our children’s learning conditions!

Come to the September 13th School Board meeting and advocate for the District and the School Board to do better for our SRP and teachers!

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