Bargaining Update 8/24/2016
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Bargaining Update 8/24/2016

USEP Bargaining Update

“See you in September”

Tonight contract negotiations continued in the 8th SRP bargaining session for the 2106-2017 school year with USEP presenting an opening “Economic Proposal.” The proposal provided for a 4% increase to the base salary for all eligible School Related Personnel, exclusive of supplements. USEP believes that the District has enough funds in the reserve fund, without having to go below their 5% threshold for protecting its bond ratings.

USEP believes that it is much more prudent and beneficial to invest in the District’s employees than it is to have that money sitting in the bank, not drawing any interest. “We need to invest in the people who work with the students versus saving for stuff that may never be bought or used,” said USEP President, Kenny Blankenship. “When we invest in the people who work and live in our community, we invest in the local economy, you know, the businesses owned by our student’s parents. We improve our local and regional economies because that money is recycled 6-8 times before it’s sent out of the state. Think of the revenue that spending would generate to improve life right here in Pasco county.”

The District countered with its previously prepared initial proposal without giving credence to the USEP proposal.

USEP informed District negotiators that we would be waiting until the Superintendent’s Annual Financial Report is submitted to the State of Florida in mid-September to meet again when a much more accurate picture of the funding is available for salaries

Stay tuned!

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