Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from USEP
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from USEP


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, but we at USEP want to thank ALL education professionals for what you are doing.

Since the existence of “Distance Learning” has come about, all of us have had to learn a different way of educational life. We are adapting to the virtual classroom and having to supplement instruction to provide for the best educational opportunity for our students.

Instructional Assistants have had to adapt to a different job description, now monitoring student progress and interaction. Bus drivers are helping in distribution of food. Teachers have had to adapt to the eSchool curriculum, or in some cases create their own. This has not been an easy adaptation for all education personnel.

An enormous mount of thanks goes out to our teachers, who have had to adapt from their own curriculum to eSchool curriculum and provide input into student and parent questions due to an understanding difference.

I can use my personal experience at elementary school to say that resources an tutorials are offered on almost anything that might provide an obstacle to student learning!

Our District and our staff has been tremendous in making sure that the student educational opportunity has been extended. We continue to offer the best in educational opportunities for our students.

USEP want to personally thank all our members for their support through these tough times.

We at USEP wish to honor all of you who make a difference each day in the life of one of our students.

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