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USEP Update – Monday, October 18, 2021
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USEP Update – Monday, October 18, 2021

  • PMP Monitoring - USEP is in conversation with District staff regarding:
    • The process of PMP monitoring including:
      • Dropdown menus that don’t allow for much-used interventions.
      • Redundancy, as student information is available in other platforms.
      • The amount of time required to complete the forms.
    • Teachers being required to meet a deadline prior to a teacher planning day.
    • Since this has been an ongoing problem, we are seeking interventions from the District that provide relief for teachers.
  • Proposed School Schedule realignment -
    • We are aware that earlier today the district sent out an email outlining a potential change in worksite start times due to transportation concerns.
    • USEP is actively reviewing the information and analyzing possible impacts for you, our members.
    • This proposed plan is being presented to the School Board tomorrow (10/19/21) during a Workshop Session.
    • Our understanding is that this proposal may be voted on by the Board at their 11/2/21 meeting.
    •  As of now, if the Board approves of the plan, the District’s intention is to implement these changes at the start of Semester 2.
    • We are meeting with senior District staff to determine how this may impact employees and seek acceptable outcomes.
  • $1,000 Payments – (For employees excluded from the State’s payment Plan)
    • USEP and the District should be agreeing on the $1,000 payments in the upcoming Negotiations sessions.
    • It is our hope to get the payments to employees as soon as possible.

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