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USEP Update – December 8th, 2021
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USEP Update – December 8th, 2021

  • PROGRESS MONITORING PROGRAM – USEP has listened to our member’s concerns with the process and procedures relating to PMP’s this year. We filed a grievance on behalf of all PMP users and have demanded to bargain the impact to employees. We have had several meetings with District personnel to discuss specific concerns brought to us by members. Many of those concerns are being addressed with the goal of making it easier and less time-consuming for teachers to utilize the process. We will give definitive information once the situation is resolved to our satisfaction. We hope to wrap this up very soon.
  • ILLNESS IN THE LINE OF DUTY – USEP filed a grievance because the District refused to deal appropriately with COVID-related cases. Late yesterday, we learned the District has denied our Level II grievance. They continue to disallow any paid leave days for appropriate ILD claims. We believe that contract language addresses this concern and meets the requirements for employees to be paid for Covid-related loss of work. We will seek a Level III (Superintendent level) hearing as soon as possible.
  • TRANSPORTATION – For drivers, relief drivers and bus assistants, January 3 is the trial run day for the new second semester bus routes. It is not a required workday, however, reporting to work and completing your trial run will get you paid for an eight-hour day. If you do not work that day, no discipline will follow, however you will not be paid and are unable to use leave for that day.
  • ADVANCED COURSEWORK TEACHER BONUS PAY – On Dec. 3, the District notified teachers of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Advanced International Cambridge, Industry Certification exams and Dual Enrollment classes that payment of earned teacher bonuses for these classes would be delayed until sometime after the winter break. According to the District, the delay was related to the fact that the State has not yet been given the final FTE count. USEP reached out to the District to express concerns over this delay in payment. As a result, on December 7, 2021, the District communicated to those employees that they would move forward with payments with a planned check date of Dec. 17, 2021. It is important to note that payments will be made without the final FTE information available, so some payments may need to be adjusted once the State provides that information.
  • $1,000 BONUS CORRECTIONS – Previously, the State of Florida provided $1,000 bonus checks to classroom teachers based on a statutory definition. USEP then negotiated with the District to provide $1,000 supplements to all SRP employees and those current Instructional employees that were left out of the State payments that had earned a year of service credit for last year. Those supplements were paid on November 5, 2021. Since that time, USEP has been contacted by individuals that met those qualifications for payment but did not receive checks from the District or State. In some cases, checks should have been issued by the State, while others did not receive District payment. USEP has successfully corrected the error for many of those individuals and continues to work on behalf of the others.
  • WORKING FAMILY LOBBY CORPS – Just a reminder, if you are interested in attending Tallahassee during the 2022 Legislative Session, your application is due back to the USEP office by Friday, Dec. 10, 2021. They were previously sent out to all members in an email. If you need an additional copy, please contact your Business Rep. Full requirements and protocol for attendance in Tallahassee will be sent to advocates once the Working Family Lobby Corps schedule is completed.
  • TEACHER EVALUATIONS – USEP and the district are in continued conversation regarding the 2020- 2021 teacher evaluations, specifically regarding SPM/VAM scores. We are seeking clarity on next steps regarding those situations.
  • SCHOOL START TIMES FOR JANUARY – USEP and the district signed an MOU for the Transportation side of school start time changes. We believe that this will remedy most, if not all, of the transportation concerns expressed to the Transportation Committee. However, USEP feels that there may be situations unknown at the current time that may occur once the implementation of this new schedule is put in place. We have asked and been assured that all employees have been notified of the new contracted hours beginning in January. We have also asked for a joint committee with the District to seek remedies for these situations but the District has denied that request. We have a goal to make sure that planning time and student dismissal are handled appropriately and contractually.


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