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USEP Update – Thursday, 2/3/2022

USEP Update – Thursday, 2/3/2022

USEP PRESIDENT SPEAKS OUT AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING ON BEHALF OF ALL EMPLOYEES – Please click on the link to read the comments by Don Peace, President of USEP, at the last School Board meeting. Utilizing the District’s own Gallup Poll Survey results, the President issued a challenge to all District staff and the Superintendent to change the culture of how employees are dealt with on a daily basis. We CAN, and we MUST do better. We cannot afford to lose even one employee.

SALARY INCREASES – USEP and the District have just received the Department of Education’s release of the Adjusted Third FTE Calculations. Due to funding concerns statewide, this has taken considerably longer than in any previous year. There has been a tremendous increase across the District and state of families taking advantage of the new HOPE and FAMILY EMPOWERMENT scholarship opportunities which has diminished available monies to negotiate for salary increases. USEP and senior District staff are currently evaluating existing allocations to see where additional funds may be available to use for this purpose.

ILD GRIEVANCE – USEP has asked that the Illness in the line of Duty Level III Grievance be scheduled. We had asked for an abeyance to seek resolution, and twice offered solutions, but settlement was not accomplished. USEP believes that all employees should be treated equally when becoming ill as a result of the work environment and will continue to advocate for that to happen.

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