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USEP Update – August 19th, 2022
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USEP Update – August 19th, 2022

Instructional Negotiations Update:
The USEP and District Instructional Bargaining Teams will return to the table on Thursday at 5:00. We are cautiously optimistic that we may be close to an agreement on Instructional salary improvements. At the last session, USEP passed an economic counterproposal that included 5.75% salary improvements. This was a response to the latest District proposal that included a 5% salary improvement. These salary improvements include funds from the Teacher Salary Increase Allocation and a Cost of Living Adjustment. The Teacher Salary Increase Allocation is the money that the District and USEP had previously agreed to include in teacher salaries as soon as possible and retroactive to the first day of the contract year. This amount is estimated to be 2.65% and will be finalized soon with additional information from the state.

SRP Negotiations Update:
The SRP Negotiations Teams did not meet this week. We are tentatively scheduled to go back late next week. As we stated in our last update, USEP’s pass of a minimum of 6% for every SRP who would not receive 6% as a result of raising the minimum wage to $15.00. Although we are very close to agreement, we are working together on the details of a grid that will provide the start of equity among our long-term employees and the new minimum as well as equity among all the employee groups represented by USEP. Compression will be a factor for several years and there is an understanding among the parties that we cannot bring equity in this year alone. Language and updates can be found on our website at

Tuesday is ELECTION DAY!
As a reminder, Tuesday is Election Day. All Pasco registered voters have the opportunity to vote on school board races and the referendum that would provide salary increases for teachers and SRPs. Click here for more information on how to vote:

If you do not already know your polling place, check the bottom section of your Voter ID. Your polling precinct will appear in a box on the right. Use the following link to see a list of precincts and their locations:

If you plan on voting early, click the following link for Early Voting Locations and Times:

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