USEP Update – Monday, January 10th, 2022
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USEP Update – Monday, January 10th, 2022

PROGRESS MONITORING – We are finally able to report some successful resolutions because of our PMP Grievance. Below are the various outcomes of our work with senior District staff.

  • In future email communication about PMPs, the District will reinforce that it is ultimately the teacher’s decision and discretion to implement or remove a PMP. This is important because in many cases the initial number of students with PMPs was largely based on data from the end of the previous school year. District will create a list of potential PMP students based on various data sources. However, the teacher will make the final determination on the need for a PMP. The teacher’s knowledge of the individual student guides the final determination for PMP decision making.
  • The District agreed to not apply any discipline to any teacher for missed PMP deadlines during the first semester.
  • For the 2022-2023 school year, the District will authorize administrators to approve additional compensation for PMP conferences that must be held outside of contract hours.
  • Teachers will utilize time during August and September PLC meetings for PMP completion if needed.
  • There will be no requirement for weekly PMP updates. Instead, PMP update timelines will be consistent with the data collection tool selected by the teacher.
  • District will create an MTSS guidebook that supports all teachers and teams with PMP processes and actions steps.
  • PLC leaders will be offered training on PMP procedures prior to the beginning of next school year.
  • The District will make various improvements to the PMP process in MyStudent
    • Dropdown menus will only show appropriate interventions
    • DIBELS data will sync and automatically update student progress
    • Currently, there is no SIPPS automation. If teachers choose to utilize SIPPS, they will manually enter that data. However, SIPPS is not required.
    • Teachers will have added access to “unlock” PMPs without having the additional step of going through admin FOR that process
    • District is working with their vendor to create a PMP “batching” system to reduce redundancies in data entry for students with similar needs.
  • The District and USEP agree to meet during the summer to further discuss 2022-23 PMP procedures
  • The District and USEP agree to form three work groups to continue to evaluate PMP issues. (elementary, middle, high school). These committees will work with the Office of Leading and Learning to function as a user group to provide feedback on the PMP process. USEP will have the opportunity to place members on the work groups.


  • USEP will present our Grievance at a Level 3 (Superintendent) hearing on Wednesday
    • It is our hope to come to a resolution on COVID cases heard by the ILD Committee


  • We are waiting for the final adjusted FTE numbers. These calculations generate the funding that the District receives which is bargained for salary increases. As soon as that information is available, we will formally begin economic discussions.

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